I apoligize

I am afraid that I hurt my gang stalkers feeling when I posted “The company”. I apologize evidently my stalkers are not comfortable being referred to as murderers. Let me make a suggestion- Maybe if you are not comfortable with taking part in the murder of a really nice women who had a life before it was rudely interrupted with the nonsense of this so called “game”, maybe you should not be doing it. Its all fun and “games” until  there is a dead body to contend with huh? The vile truth about what you are doing- just so we are clear, You People Are Helping To MURDER People so you can steal their money. If you are not comfortable with that (and you shouldn’t be) stop taking part. Stop and assist! What the hell is wrong with you? You have to know what you are doing is wrong. I understand this thing is disguised very well to look benign at first, but you are helping to steal peoples lives. You are murdering people who are just trying to survive this world and fucked up  people like you.

Your masters and their subordinates are referring to these murders as a “game” so that those needing to hide in denial about the reality of what they are involved in can pretend it’s some sort of “game” , not so friendly banter to bring out the competitiveness in a person while they are hazed into a secret society. It’s all bullshit! You have all become accomplices in murder- how does that make you feel? Bad right? That’s because it is bad!

So while I feel sorry for the people in the business of murdering innocent people, you are evidently very misguided and confused individuals- Let me tell you I couldn’t care less about your feeling bad while continuing to kill people. SHAME ON YOU!

Here is an analogy for you to mull over. What some of you are doing is this- You are stuck in a shit hole that you can not climb out of alone and you know that anyone walking up to the hole will be pushed in when they are close enough to help you, but you desperate to get out of that shit hole, coax innocent people to the hole assisting those that put you in that shit hole to victimize others and when the victim falls in and comes too and is pissed at you-then, you want them : to be the shoulder you stand on to get yourself out, you want them to believe you when you say you’ll lower a ladder down after your escape freeing everyone, and you can’t understand why your fellow victim despises you.

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In My Experience

The Company-How it works
You are respected for the mark you bring to the table. Numerous assets coupled with a high level of naiveté means higher favor of course. First, they invade the marks home to set up audio and video and get into their computer; now they can build a complete profile on the TI. Data is collected and experimenting on the mark with subliminal conditioning begins. With the aid of computer and remote control smart technology most home appliances can be easily adjusted to emanate frequencies that when naturally demodulated by the brain can be made to sound like spoken dialogue to the targeted receiver (in essence a fan can sound like its speaking to you)..
Appliances are manipulated to emanate a command or idea and the observer merely inputs the command either manually or allows a computer to decide; for example, whenever the TI enters the kitchen the refrigerator emanates the words “your fat!” The TI’s response is recorded in its entirety meaning: how long the response took, changes in vitals, everything is collected and stored to later be used in the psych-ops portion of their attack. Laser technology allows the observer to keep an unbreakable connection with the TI using eye, and voice recognition.
Sensor mapping an entire house can be done with ease once the house has been analyzed and a grid of stable or constant reflective points by which beams can be reflected and bounced to every/all points in the area has been calculated. Once these points have been established throughout an area a three dimensional grid is created. Keep in mind the before mentioned tasks are done without entering the TI’s dwelling at all. Tiny beams of light called nano beams are bounced throughout the grid using the reflected points: at the end of each coordinate a beam that bounces back to its origin point to a receiver. When any of the thousands of beams is broken its exact position is recorded and a computer generated image in the shape of the object responsible for breaking the beam of light is created. This technology is simple and very effective in producing an image of an area capable of recording the movement and shape of any and all objects (as small as an ant) without ever entering the area. This vital information is also used to manipulate objects in the gridded area, even living objects (i.e., bugs pets etc.)
The same system used for bouncing the tracking beams can simultaneously be used to gather sound data with laser microphone technology so any sound strong enough to create a wave big enough for a nano beam to record can be used to gather audio as faint as a whisper. Now that communication from the target to the technician has been established communication from the technician to the target must be completed.
Again the same system can simultaneously be used, with Directed sound technology, to direct inaudible frequency waves at the target allowing the technician to speak directly to the targeted individual with such accuracy that a person standing next to the TI hears nothing at all.
Another function of the Laser system is to administer doses of pain as a constant reminder to the TI that while THEY are not untouchable the controller is and getting at a TI is as easy as pressing a button at anytime. The psychological toll that this reality has on their victim is often times the catalyst for forced suicide a phenomenon associated with this sort of torture. Forced suicide is a method of execution where the victim is coerced into committing suicide to avoid facing an alternative option they perceive as much worse, such as suffering torture or having friends or family members imprisoned, tortured, or killed. Another common form historically has been deliberately providing a condemned individual with a weapon and a brief period in which to commit honorable suicide if he or she chooses before being executed. In my case I was given 20 Xanax bars and four doses of GHB and then members of the gang teased and taunted me every day the drugs were not used in this manner. Eventually I succumb to the pressure and choose to die as an alternative to living a life void of any resemblance of quality.
Next the marks assets are taken in a series of seemingly misfortunate events or detrimental mistakes that are instigated by the gang assigned to you. There job is to harass and confuse the TI with misdirection, miscommunication, and misinformation. The harassment and confusion assist the technician with breaking down the TI so assets security measures are weakened (ATM card left in the ATM, on checkout counter). Little mistakes that have big consequences especially when persons assigned to the TI are poised and ready to exploit these opportunities to the fullest extreme.
While a TI’s finances are attacked, personnel within the TI’s job are contacted and a hostile work environment is created. A love interest or friendship is introduced, a mechanism later used as an emotional trigger to the TI. Connections are made within the fabric of family and friends later used to mold opinions that count regarding the TI’s support group.
It does not take 100’s of people to accomplish this it takes but a mere few positioned in key areas who are experienced and highly organized and cash, but not even a lot of cash because ultimately once the dismantling begins your own finances are stolen to fund your destruction as well as pay the team assigned to you.
As the targeted individual’s entire life’s work including; years of work establishing report and credit with the people in their community, friends, family, co-workers and bosses begins to corrode under the pressure of these criminals’ activities. Following is the recruitment/cover-up stage. Once the TI is convinced there is no light at the end of the tunnel they are offered a life preserver of hope. They are told they can recover their lives and prosper again. All they have to do is sign a consent form allowing the gang to do what has already been done insurance that no formal charges be brought against the team assigned to you for the theft and harassment. Plus, a position within their organization is offered to each victim that can bring to the table someone of equal or higher value than themselves- insurance the game will continue at an ever growing prosperity to the house(s) hosting the game and determent to literally everyone else.
This is all done under the disguise of drug rehabilitation, but in actuality is an insidious and odious social trend that is eating away at the fabric of our society creating a cast class system widening the gap between the have and have-nots in America. While victimizing the rich seems like poetic justice let’s not forget the rich are responsible for paying back the enormous bills of the country as well as driving the cogs of big business in America. Although their contribution of taxes maybe debatable this swing in the nation’s financial makeup is not without consequences. I believe these consequences are being felt today.
So before you buy “in”, “in” to the lies, understand pyramid schemes and they way they work or more importantly the way they don’t work. As defined in any college text book used in Basic Business 101, defines the pyramid business model as an unsustainable business model involving promising participant’s payment or services…primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment.
The long and short of it, playing the disgusting game for the sake of playing the disgusting game; seeking the demise of others as a way of easing one’s own losses at the expense of others. Finally, this evil activity enslaves our children into a vile social trend from which there is no liberation while sending a clear message to the next generation. The message-fellow American’s are nothing but toy’s to be used and exploited as a means to an end that will never come. The message-the “game” is a viable solution to a problem our local police department failed to handle from the beginning because they failed to educate themselves about the emerging bullying trend. This is saying nothing of the perils this technology poses to an individual’s right to privacy and protection from forces abroad as well as on American soil that would use terror to control and victimize its citizens.

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The AA: A secret society to protect “The Secret”

The Secret Vault 

Published by Frontier Publishing
& Adventures Unlimited Press.

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The AA: a secret society to protect “The Secret”Philip Coppens


There was a “movement” named AGLA, about which we know very little. As a secret society, it maintained its nature very well. On first appearance, it seems they were an underground movement that was not very active. However, this is a dubious statement to make: as they were little known, bluntly suggesting they were not very active is dangerous, owing to the fact that we do not know anything about them, which means we know nothing about their activities or frequency thereof either.
Robert Ambelain defines AGLA as an autonomous society and firmly closed. He suggests that rather than a subgroup, they were in fact the group behind a more visible organisation, like for example, the organisation led by another priest, Nicholas Montfaucon de Villars, author of “Count de Gabelis”, subtitled “The Extravagant Mysteries of the Cabalists, expounded in Five pleasant Discourses on the Secret Societies.” The book which appeared in 1670, was a treatise on the occult and elemental sex magic, assuring its ban in France, even though it sold out several editions in the first few months. Nevertheless, it had no known author, until Montfaucon’s name was advanced. He was a well-known figure, a “Libertin”, an intellectual whose ideas were deemed dangerous both for the church and the king. In March 1673, De Villars was murdered by a rifle bullet, near Lyons. His murder was never solved, but René Nelli believes that Montfaucon de Villars had been assassinated, possibly because in his book, he had revealed “too much”. Villars wrote on the topic of “the great name of AGLA, which operates all these wonders, at the same time as it is called upon by the ignoramuses and the sinners, and who would do many more miracles in a Kabbalistic fashion”.

What could this secret be that had to be protected at all cost, even with the life of this priest? This question remained unanswered, but raises another, almost identical one: what could be the secret that had to be protected at all cost, even with the life of the priest Antonin Gélis? No answer has ever been provided for his murder either. That murder occurred on the evening of 31st October, 1897, in his presbytery. Newspaper accounts relate how Gélis was found lying in a pool of blood, his arms placed on his belly, but his legs in an awkward position, with one leg firmly underneath the body. He had suffered 14 blows to the head, fracturing his skull and even making the brain visible. There were further minor injuries on the rest of his body. Gélis had locked up the night before and it was known he never let anyone in at night, unless he knew the person visiting. With no signs of a break-in, it is clear that Gélis let his murderer in – and was thus familiar with him. The murderer killed the priest, but did not steal anything of value. Although cabinets had been gone through and some documents had been stolen, nothing of value, including 500 Francs, had been taken. Newspaper reports spoke of a “masked intruder” who had also broken into the presbytery many years before and had got away with certain papers. He was never found and now history was repeating itself and no-one was ever charged with the murder.

One organisation known as AGLA was not esoteric at all. That AGLA was, from its inception, only intended to attract invited members from the publishing industry: booksellers, printers, etc. The presence of a Rabelais, Nicholas Flamel, Sebastien Greif, Montfaucon de Villars would therefore not seem odd – neither would the booksellers of Lyons, who bought Saunière’s books. According to Robert Ambelain, AGLA also attracted the makers of the first sets of Tarot cards.
There is AGLA, but there is also A.G.L.A. – written with all capital letters punctuated by a point. In this interpretation, “AGLA” would not be one word, but the abbreviation of four words. It is clear that this approach would be a clever “trick” – a smokescreen. For all intents and purposes, any observer would read AGLA or A.G.L.A. as an incorrect rendering of Agla – a society which had no esoteric connections whatsoever. Even if someone felt that A.G.L.A. could not be an error, but meant something else, there was no way for that person to know what each letter stood for – unless he had powerful computers at his disposal, or, more likely, came across someone who “knew”.
So what might A.G.L.A. stand for? One proposed reading is Attâh, Gibbor, Leholâm, Adonâi: “Thou art strong for ever, O Lord”. Actually, many people in Germany thought it stood for “Almachtiger Gott Losch Aus!”
It is said to contain all the letters of the Kaballah. Tradition has it that the Divine Power resides within this simple set of four letters, containing at the same time absolute knowledge, the science of Solomon and the Light of Abraham. In other readings, it is the Secret or Hidden Name of God, so cherished by the Kaballists, but also other esoteric traditions, including the Freemasons. The question arises, therefore, as to whether Saunière’s remotely guided steps were to direct him into that direction?

The A.A. is a genuine organisation – the very organisation that was identified as the one to which Henri Boudet, the priest of Rennes-les-Bains, and Felix-Arsène Billard, the bishop of Carcassonne, belonged. However, trying to find information on the A.A. is next to impossible. We note that a document was found, which listed Boudet and two bishops of Carcassonne as members of this organisation. This information was given to us by Gérard Moraux de Waldan.
It seems that several movements, at least four to our knowledge, claimed to be a part of this organisation. However, although it was certainly present in more than 39 areas of France, only the Toulouse area seems to have had retained documents on the subject.
The general presentation of these little known groups shows a structure established on secrecy, accompanied by an undeniable spiritual improvement. At the time of the French Revolution, these secret societies opposed a clergy managed by a civil Constitution. One also finds their virulent action against the Napoleonic Regime during the plundering of the Vatican archives, the general confusion in Rome and the arrest of the pope.
According to Jean-Claude Meyer, in the Ecclesiastical Bulletin of Literature, “The study of the AA of Toulouse, founded into the 17th century, forms part of the understanding of the more general movement of spiritual and apostolic reform of the clergy of France at that time. Beyond rules which appear out of date today, the history of this AA reveals the spirit of a sacerdotal fraternity lived by the fellow-members: thus is explained its exceptional longevity, one which will see the positive effects during the decade of the Revolution.”
There is also the work of Count Bégouin who, in 1913, presented one of rare works on the subject in the form of a work entitled:





On the bottom of the title page is the address of the “editors”, set in two columns:
• on the left: “PARIS, Auguste Picard, rue Bonaparte 81”
• on the right-hand side: “TOULOUSE, Edouard Privat, rue des Arts, 14”.
At the bottom of the last page of text (page 131), is the identity of the printer: “Toulouse, Imp. Douladoure – Privat, rue St Rome, 30–678.”
Count Bégouin himself admits that there are difficulties when he tries to base his argument on previously unpublished documents, which are, of course, essential for his work. These documents were extremely difficult to find, although apparently some were said to exist in the region of Lyons and Vienna, at the beginning of this century.
The starting point of Bégouin’s quest is the Parliamentary Decree of 13th December, 1660, marking the dissolution of the “Compagnie de St-Sacrement”. It also stated that it was now forbidden “to all people to make any assemblies, neither brotherhoods, congregations or communities” anywhere in France “without the express permission of the King”.
During the 17th century, the Compagnie de St Sacrement was a genuine movement which seems to have gone against the French King. It actually involved his mother, Anne of Austria, who seems to have plotted on the side of the conspirators, a group of people including Nicolas Pavillon, Vincent de Paul and, it seems, the Fouquet family. The statutes of the Compagnie stated that its sole goal was the “maintenance of the secret”. But the French king came down hard on the organisation, and on any future attempt to reorganise it. However, it seems that the AA’s original role was to perpetuate the Compagnie, to maintain “the secret” – and to make sure that this time, the powers that were, could not stop them.
Curiously, one of the first documents to use the term A and AA, was published by Mr. Lieutaud, a librarian in Marseilles. It was in the reproduction of a report of 1775, on the AA of that city, written by its president, with the complete order of what was known as a “Société”. The title does not match up with the contents. It is curious that in a total of 16 pages, there is no reference to details of printing or the publisher. It is known as “A and AA, Preamble of a Future Encyclopaedia of Provence”. It is difficult to understand the relationship between the AA and an encyclopaedia of Provence, however glorious its scenery is perceived to be. The same can be said of another booklet, again without any references, entitled “French history by a Carthusian monk”. Two further works on the same topics would follow.
At this stage, two points demand our attention. First is the question as to how a librarian can publish books which lack all references; it is the very opposite of what his job description entails. Furthermore, as Bégouin himself stated, the titles are “odd and disconcerting”. Any normal search in a library would fail to come up with these booklets, except for someone who knew what he was looking for.
But even stranger collections would be published: “A secret society of ecclesiastics in the seventeenth and eighteenth century – AA Cléricale – its history, its statutes, its mysteries”, with the epigraph: ‘Secretum prodere noli.’ To Mysteriopolis, with Jean de l’Arcanne, librarian of the Company, rue des trois cavernes, at Sigalion, in the back of the shop. MDCCCXCIII – with permission.” On the back of the page, it reads: “100 copies printed – none will be sold.”
The reference is so enigmatic that you might suspect you had become a character in a detective novel! The “with permission” reference is just one in a long series of incredible details. Is it a hoax? A joke? Have these documents been falsified, as has been the case in some instances in the mystery of Rennes-le-Château? However, the booklet does exist and the reader will find that there is an accompanying document at the end of the collection.
Our librarian Lieutaud never betrayed his sources, except to state: “By ways that were both multiple and unexpected, the original parts that were used to compose this work fell into my hands. We are not authorised to say it, and thanks to God, though we never belonged to any AA, we know to maintain its secrecy.”
There is little else, except some throwaway sentences: “Knowing how jealously the last owners took care of these invaluable papers, keeping them contained and hidden, allows me suppose that, as for the Company of the Blessed Sacrament, we are far from knowing all the places where these files lie.”
On page 20, it explains that in Toulouse, it had access to the files of the AA, which had more than 1,300 names of ecclesiastics from the Toulouse region who were members.
This was not the only book of its kind. There was another such document printed in Lyons, at Baptiste de Ville, rue Mercière, in 1689. The book is extremely rare and unknown to bibliographers, just like yet another book, dated to 1654, which is intended “for a restricted number of initiates, those that belonged to the small group of elected officials comprising the AA”.
The reason for the choice of AA or A.A. as the title is never explained in the documents. It is argued that it comes from the expression “Associatio Alicorum”. Others say it comes from taking the two As from AssociAtion, and to present them in a similar way to those that appear in certain alchemical writings such as AAA, for the term “AmAlgAmer”, i.e. removing the consonants to keep only the vowels. If that were the case, such coding is contrary to Egyptian or Kabbalistic writings, where normally, the vowels are removed and the consonants kept, e.g. YHWH rather than Yahweh – which would be AE if the “vowel-retention cipher” had been used.
Bégouin himself believed that the AA should for “Amis” and “Assemblies”, Assembled Friends, thus summarising the spirit of this company. Another assumption advanced by Lietaud is that AA stood for “Association Angelica” – the organisation which, according to some, was related to “AGLA”.
One of the few letters sent by the AA does have the heading: J. M. J. A. C., which are the initials of: Jesus, Maria, Joseph, Angeli Custodes, i.e. Custodian Angels. This is an intriguing analysis. It seems to identify the AA somehow as being “Guardian Angels” of a “secret” that was at the heart of the Compagnie du Saint-Sacrement, and its successor, the AA. Perhaps the AA is the Association of Angels?
The rule of the “secret” was absolute and without exemption. Admittedly, for certain researchers within this framework, the “secret” was simply that of the “good deeds performed under religious initiative”. But what is secret about “doing good”? If “good things” had to be kept secret, there are normally very good reasons for it – and the “good deeds” would not be of the everyday variety that you might do on weekends or weekday mornings in the church, those normally practised by elderly men and women, who are “doing good” for the community.
Instead, the AA says: “It is thus essential to maintain our secrecy. Reveal it to no-one, neither to the most intimate friends, nor to the dearest parents, not even to the most trustworthy confessor. Why would one speak with the confessor about it? In a project of this nature, that the only natural lights come from the Father of Light, a similar confidence was never necessary; it would always be imprudent and often contrary to the existence or the propagation of our AA. Outside of the assemblies, the fellow-members will behave together as though no secret bond linked them. No sign, no word to make anyone suspect. In their letters, if they happen to mention the AA, it should only be in the shortest and most general terms possible. The AA will never be named, either in the letters, or in ordinary conversations. Those who have some papers relating to our Association on their premises, will preserve them with care and under key.”
Surely this is not “just” so that no-one would know when the next cake stall is on – or what profit margin there was on the second hand books sale? These rules are similar to those of other secret societies, or societies, which require initiation. It could be that of a Masonic lodge, as they could still be found at the beginning of the 20th century. But whereas the secrecy of a Masonic lodge these days is a matter of form, it seems clear that the AA is serious. The secrecy instilled in their members is more along the lines of an intelligence agency rather than a brotherhood of mutually interested individuals.
But the question is whether the AA is a secret society, or a discreet society. In the documents of the AA, the rules relating to the secret start from page 71 onwards. There is mention of a password, how to envisage the self-destruction of the cell, to destroy all traces of its existence, to pass from action to silence if there is the slightest doubt. You can wonder whether terrorist organisations practise such a level of secrecy. This type of moral convention is of such an inconceivable rigour that the only framework in which this document could come about is that of a fanatical sect… or of a movement that was elected to safeguard a frightening secret.
It is difficult to believe that within the Church, there would be a company, made up of monks, that could impose such injunctions to protect themselves if their only goal was prayers, benevolence or charity. After all, “doing good” has always been out in the open; “doing bad” is normally done in secret.
There is another intriguing aspect to the AA. Under certain conditions, it allowed the admission of women from exclusively female congregations. Furthermore, laymen could, under very strict conditions, be accepted too. According to the type of members, they were distributed over several “congregations”. For the Seminarists, the AA rule envisaged a type of ante-room, called “Small Company”. In this, the future priests were allowed to meet, without ever knowing the “active members” of the brotherhood. As in all other brotherhoods, there were several levels, or grades, in the hierarchy. No doubt, the lower echelons had no idea what the higher ranks were up to – as is the case in any hierarchical organisation, whether a business organisation or a secret society.
Even so, at this stage it is still possible to consider that we are talking about a congregation, though of a very exceptional severity, reserved for a kind of religious elite… yet without being able to accept or acknowledge that it could be something else – something more obscure – secret.
Yet, that this is the case, is argued by the document itself: “At the same time, behind this congregation or visible company, there was another occult one. It was the true AA, whose existence was a mystery and the name of the members an even greater mystery still. There were several political characters among them. The meetings were secret and certain members, in particular Prince de Polignac, only went to them in disguise. For on being allowed into this association, it was necessary to swear to absolute secrecy, to promise a blind obedience with passwords which no-one else knew.”
Prince Jules de Polignac (1780 – March 29, 1847) was a French statesman, who played a conspicuous part in the clerical and ultra-royalist reaction after the Revolution. If he attended such meetings, then it is clear that they were important – and controversial. If we place Saunière in the same environment, then we find a solid reason why he felt he could never divulge the origins of his income – not to his bishop, or to anyone else. He had sworn himself to it – to protect “the secret”. Although it might seem bizarre that a small village priest should become a member of such a notorious organisation, he was a priest – somehow predisposed towards joining the AA – and a discovery in his church might have propelled him to the forefront of their attention – and their cash flow.
It is clear that if Boudet and Billard were members of this organisation – and the evidence suggests they were – then they too would be part of this secret brotherhood. It would seem that de Beauséjour was not…
The AA is the best candidate for the framework in which Saunière and his closest allies operated; membership of the AA could explain the extreme level of secrecy that Saunière adhered to – at the same time being instructed on how to maintain that secrecy so that his “double life” would never be known…


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Where does the pain come from?

I have been trying to figure out how the muscle spasms are triggered as they are extremely painful and debilitating. After years of research I have come to understand that it is caused from a beam of light. A beam of light carrying with it an electromagnetic charge is aimed at the body. It enters the body looking for a nerve ending that will allow the beam to expel its built up charge. Once the charge is released it acts as a beacon or tracking point by which the beam creates a connection to you and is almost unbreakable unless you retreat to a place void of all light. The reason is because the skeletal system is used to ricochet the light through out the body bouncing the beam throughout finding millions of little nerve endings that allow a small release of charge in effect lighting you up for superior targeting and recognition. Merely covering the nerve ending from the outside won’t work because the light can enter the body at any coordinate and ricochet to a desired point in a matter of seconds. As you try to shield the nerve the beam is simply rerouted until the target is incapable of tending to the defense of the nerve and takes to basically moving around in an attempt to prevent the muscle from seizing up causing (on a scale from one to ten ten being most painful) extreme pain that I score a ten or really a twelve. The muscles are damaged to some extent I believe because for several hours sometimes for two days after I am attacked in this manner these muscles do not function without pain telling me residual inflammation in the muscle has occurred,Following an attack movement in these muscles is difficult and the pain is felt to some degree depending on the severity of the attack ; on the same scale I would score the pain at a 2 or three. If anyone is experiencing this sort of attack I would recommend building a compartment where they can retreat that is “light tight”. I have found a highly reflective box with a double sealed door is an effective remedy, Jn addition, tightly stitched blankets (heavy Mexico blankets seem to work quite well.) laid on top of me help insulating my body helps as well. I hope this discovery will shed some light on the situation ( I couldn’t resist the pun), keep the faith. Remember knowledge IS POWER so feel free to repost this information where ever just do me a favor and site your source.

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CIA Senate Snooping?

Snowden: Feinstein a Hypocrite for Blasting CIA Spying

By Matthew Cole

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden accused Sen. Dianne Feinstein of
hypocrisy Tuesday for complaining about alleged CIA spying on U.S.
senators while tolerating government spying on private citizens.

Feinstein, the California Democrat who chairs the Senate Intelligence
Committee, said Tuesday that the CIA had searched the committee’s
computers and that the search was potentially criminal and may have
violated the Fourth Amendment.

“It’s clear the CIA was trying to play ‘keep away’ with documents
relevant to an investigation by their overseers in Congress, and that’s
a serious constitutional concern,” said Snowden in a statement to NBC
News. “But it’s equally if not more concerning that we’re seeing another
‘Merkel Effect,’ where an elected official does not care at all that the
rights of millions of ordinary citizens are violated by our spies, but
suddenly it’s a scandal when a politician finds out the same thing
happens to them.”

Snowden was apparently referring to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s
indignation at reports that the U.S. had listened in on her personal
conversations, but her failure to condemn the NSA for mass surveillance
of communications of German citizens. Both were revealed by the release
of documents that Snowden took from NSA computers and distributed to

In a speech on the Senate floor Tuesday, Feinstein said she had asked
the CIA for an apology for spying and an acknowledgment that its actions
were wrong and had received neither.

“The CIA just went and searched the committee’s computers,” Feinstein
said. She later called the matter a “defining moment” for the oversight
of the committee.

The search came as the committee was investigating the CIA’s use of
secret detention and enhanced interrogation during the Bush
administration, including waterboarding, which President Obama has
referred to as torture.

At issue is an internal review of the detention and interrogation
program ordered by Leon Panetta, who was director of the agency from
2009 to 2011. Feinstein says the committee obtained the review from the
CIA because it was provided as part of a searchable database of
documents. The CIA has alleged that the committee may have obtained that
document illegally.

First published March 11th 2014, 8:24 am

Matthew Cole

* <mailto:matthew.cole@nbcuni.com?subject=Reader response to:

Matthew Cole is an investigative producer for NBC News focusing on
national security matters.

Matthew Cole is an investigative producer for NBC News focusing on
national security matters. He joined NBC News in 2013 after three years
as an investigative producer for ABC News. He has reported from
Afghanistan, Pakistan and several countries in the Middle East, focusing
on terrorism, war and intelligence.

Snowden: Feinstein a Hypocrite for Blasting CIA Spying

* <mailto:?subject=Snowden: Feinstein a Hypocrite for Blasting CIA
Spying on NBCNews.com&body=From NBCNews.com… %0D%0A%0D%0ASnowden:
Feinstein a Hypocrite for Blasting CIA

* Snowden: Feinstein a Hypocrite for Blasting CIA Spying
* <http://www.newsvine.com/_api/discuss?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nbcnews.com%2Fstoryline%2Fcia-senate-snooping%2Fsnowden-cia-playing-keep-away-senate-investigators-n49881&h=Snowden%3AᗨꞲ힢鿦븟⩨犸굻꿠敪쭢鸏舠ྒꜨ&t=news%2Cinvestigations&cid=&gt;

CIA Senate Snooping?

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L.A. Deputies in Secret Club Demanded Sex from Female Trainees, Says Suit


By Andrew Blankstein

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By Andrew Blankstein

A group of tattooed male deputies with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s
Department who called themselves the “Banditos” allegedly sexually
harassed female trainees and demanded sexual favors as part of
initiation, according to a lawsuit filed by a 10-year veteran of the
department this week.

Guadalupe Lopez, who was assigned to the East Los Angeles Sheriff’s
station in Boyle Heights beginning in 2011, is seeking unspecified
damages for alleged sexual harassment, hazing and retaliation that
included being run off the road by another deputy, being slammed into a
wall while she held a loaded shotgun, and having a dead rat placed under
her car after she reported objectionable behavior, according to the lawsuit.

There were about 80 deputies associated with the Banditos, whose full
members sported numbered tattoos of a skeleton with a sombrero, bullet
sash and pistol, the suit alleges. Probationary deputies, meaning
trainees, were allegedly described as “prospects” or “puppies.”

Image: A rat Courtesy Gregory Smith
Guadalupe Lopez alleges that after she reported alleged inappropriate
behavior by some male deputies at a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s
Department station in Boyle Heights that she found a dead rat under her

Female trainees were expected to “submit” and “provide sexual favors for
male training officers and their associates,” according to the 33-page
suit filed by attorney Jason M. Wymond. The suggestion was that if a
trainee provided these favors, she would become a full-fledged patrol
deputy rather than being forced to work at a Los Angeles County jail,
where most deputies begin their careers.

“Plaintiff was made to understand that she was expected to be ‘One of
the Girls,’ which included drinking, partying, and the fulfillment of
the ‘sexual needs’ of her male training officers and their associates,”
the complaint alleges.

Lopez, who was attending law school while working at the department,
charges that even though she let it be known she was not interested in
joining the clique because “family, career and education were her
priorities,” she was still harassed.

In one incident, a deputy allegedly swore at Lopez for refusing to “meet
up with him.” In another instance, a deputy allegedly told her that if
she didn’t “submit to the program,” including demands for sexual favors,
she would “have problems here.”

Lopez went on stress leave prior to filing the suit. She is currently
working a different assignment with the department.

In a statement provided to NBC News, Interim Los Angeles County Sheriff
John L. Scott said the lawsuit includes allegations that were not made
when the department initially investigated Lopez’s complaint two years
ago, a probe that resulted in “appropriate administrative action for
several employees.”

“This lawsuit contains new allegations the plaintiff never reported
during an exhaustive investigation,” it said. “In fairness to all
parties involved, the Sheriff Department will reserve any formal comment
of this case while we conduct a thorough investigation for the new
claims alleged. As sheriff, I am concerned about the negative perception
of monikers, tattoos, or any form of hazing and will not tolerate
conduct contrary to our department policies and the law. Once this
lawsuit is completed we will share our findings.”

A source familiar with the earlier investigation said the department
disciplined more than 10 employees at the East L.A. Station, most of
them deputies, for alleged mistreatment of Lopez and inappropriate
workplace conduct. While some deputies were disciplined and some were
transferred, said the source, the department could not substantiate the
core allegations, including the charge that a clique of deputies at the
station coerced female probationers into having sex.

Image: A banner Courtesy Gregory Smith
According to Lopez’s lawsuits, full members of the Banditos have tattoos
of a skeleton with a sombrero, bullet sash and pistol.

Lopez’s lawsuit is the latest in a series of misconduct allegations to
roil the 17,000-strong force, which recently saw the sudden departure of
its leader, Sheriff Lee Baca, amid a run for a fifth four-year term in

Baca retired just weeks after a federal indictment against 18 current
and former deputies assigned to Los Angeles County jails in connection
with “a wide scope of illegal conduct,” including allegations of
unjustified beating of inmates, unjustified detentions and a conspiracy
to obstruct a federal investigation. There have been two additional
indictments since the initial charges were filed.

Baca said he was retiring for many reasons, some personal, but mostly
because of negative publicity that the sheriff’s race was bringing to
the department. He said he accepted responsibility for conditions in the
jails, but said those deputies indicted were the exception and that the
department had fully cooperated with federal investigators.

Lopez’s allegation of a clique called the Banditos also comes after a
history of secret groups inside the department.

For example, at least one deputy named in the recent federal indictment
was part of a secret group at the Men’s Central Jail that allegedly
engaged in misconduct that included excessive force, according to law
enforcement sources.

The alleged clique came to light after members brawled with fellow
deputies during a Christmas party and punched a female deputy in the
face. Members of that group were eventually fired.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Sheriff’s Department officials said
the group used gang-like three-finger hand signs and sported tattoos. A
former top jail commander told the paper that jailers would “earn their
ink” – tattoos — by breaking inmates’ bones.

In addition to that case, the department investigated allegations that
there was another clique known as the “Jump Out Boys” within the
department’s gang unit. That investigation led to firings of seven
individuals, the sources said.

Allegations of secret groups within the Sheriff’s department date back

A 1992 report on excessive force by deputies referenced a group called
the Vikings, which counted Paul Tanaka, then a lieutenant and a current
candidate for sheriff, among its members.

The report said that the Vikings appeared in times past to have engaged
in behavior that was “brutal and intolerable and is typically associated
with street gangs.”

A year earlier, in a ruling in a class-action lawsuit, U.S. District
Court Judge Terry Hatter had characterized the Vikings as a “neo-Nazi”
group and added that their supervisors “tacitly authorize deputies’
unconstitutional behavior.”

Tanaka did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but in the
past has acknowledged membership in the group, denied that it was a gang
and said he had not been involved in any abuse.

Reed Galen, a consultant for Tanaka’s campaign, said in a statement to
NBC News on Friday that the long-ago lawsuit has no bearing on the
current race to succeed Baca.

“During the course of Mr. Tanaka’s 30-plus years with the L.A. County
Sheriff’s Department, he had a staunch reputation as a disciplinarian -–
many times exercising his prerogative to terminate deputies for
misconduct,” he said. “Any allegations related to this type of behavior,
or any unlawful or inappropriate behavior, should be investigated to
their fullest. In regards to this case, during Mr. Tanaka’s tenure as
undersheriff, similar investigations were the sole purview of Sheriff Baca.”

First published March 28th 2014, 1:47 pm

Andrew Blankstein
* <mailto:andrew.blankstein@nbcuni.com?subject=Reader response to:

Andrew Blankstein is an investigative reporter for NBC News. He covers
the Western United States, specializing…Expand Bio <#>

Andrew Blankstein is an investigative reporter for NBC News. He covers
the Western United States, specializing in crime, courts and homeland
security. Blankstein worked at the Los Angeles Times over two decades,
much of that time covering breaking news, law enforcement and the
justice system in Southern California both for the paper and latimes.com.

He was part of the team of journalists that earned the paper Pulitzer
Prizes in 1998 for the North Hollywood shootout and in 2004 for the
Southern California wildfires. In 2010, he was named a “Distinguished
Journalist” by the Greater Los Angeles chapter of the Society of
Professional Journalists.

Blankstein graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Massachusetts
at Amherst with a degree in history and a secondary emphasis on public law.

He joined NBC News in 2013 and is based in Los Angeles.

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Somethings terribly wrong

Things need to improve
By Joel V Benjamin

• Almost everything about the American system is wrong.
• Grand juries are a rubber stamp for the prosecutors; assets are routinely frozen or seized in ex parte actions on the basis of false government affidavits, so targets don’t have the resources to pay avaricious American counsel and are thrust into the hands of public defenders, who are usually just Judas goats for the prosecutors.
• The prosecutors poison the jury pool with a media lynching at the start; bail is often outrageously high, and prosecutions and ancillary proceedings from the SEC, IRS, etc., drag on for a whole decade, all contrary to the Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments.
• The plea bargain system, for which prosecutors would be disbarred in most other serious countries, enables prosecutors to threaten everyone around the target with indictment if they don’t miraculously recall, under careful government coaching, inculpatory evidence.
• Prosecutors win 95 per cent of their cases, 90 per cent of those without a trial, and people who exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to go to trial receive more than three times the sentence they receive if they cop a plea, as a penalty for exercising their rights.
• Federal sentences are about twice as long as state ones, on average, for the same offence, and probably about a third of prisoners are in illegally crowded and inhumanely spartan or even unsanitary conditions.
• Evidentiary and procedural rules are a stacked deck: the prosecutors speak last to the jury; most trial judges are ex-prosecutors who stitch up appeals in the courthouse lunch rooms; and the Supreme Court only takes 70 cases a year, is ostentatiously unconcerned with the facts and equity of cases, and only interprets and applies the law to ensure it is constitutional and uniform across the country.
• The sole defence the average American has against this evil, repulsive, and terroristic system is that America does not have the means or personnel to imprison more than one per cent of its adult population at any one time, though a stupefying 48 million Americans have a record.
• The civil courts are the bread and butter of the vast medieval legal guild. Over 70 per cent of American cases would be inadmissible in Canada or Britain as frivolous or vexatious litigation, and the routine American practice of marketing contingent fees is just a tawdry racket.

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